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Wildfire Defense



You can reduce your risk of wildfire in just a few hours. Prepare for wildland fire by focusing on your home ignition zone. In the first 30 feet around your home, create a fire-resistant zone to help reduce the spread of wildfire and protect your property. Recycle your needles, leaves, small branches and brush and keep your property free from fire. Protect your own!

The Central Oregon FireFree program is a successful educational movement that has changed attitudes and behaviors about wildfires over the last decade. Each year thousands of residents participate in the spring and fall recycling events, but more importantly, they are protecting themselves and their neighborhoods from devastating wildland fires. 

Here's the 10 things you can do to create a fire-resistant zone to protect your home and reduce your risk of losing your home to wildland fire.

Ten Tips, One Reason - download PDFFire Resistant Plants - download PDF


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